5 Best Antivirus Apps For Android To Protect Your Device From Malicious Threats!

Android is providing a base to most of the device running on its platform and is undoubtedly popular among other operating systems. No matter, how careful you browse the internet on these devices, to protect them from security threat you need antivirus software installed on them and hence, there is a great demand of best antivirus app for your android that provides security against the cybercrime and privacy to users.

Best Antivirus Apps For Android

There is plenty of antivirus tools for android but to help you choose the best we have done the researched on them and picked top 5 antivirus app for you.

Jessica Stephenson 30 July, 2018 0

Football Vs. Soccer: What You Absolutely Need to Know!

Sport lovers are often confused between football and soccer. Same gameplay, same rules then why the name is different? Let’s get to know about exact difference between the two sports, Soccer and Football. Football is one among the top most played game in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the legendary names associated with this sport.


We all can imagine the fever of FIFA football world cup over the globe from young to old everyone. On the other hand, Soccer is another popular sport, prominently in America which resembles with Football. Some says they’re synonym while some advice they are different.

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Step-by-Step Guide On How To Delete Instagram Account!

After the big bang on with Facebook, it’s another social product shows magnetic effect with over billions of users around the globe, especially young ones from 15 to 25. Initially Instagram was only for posting photos and snaps but later on public demand, there added so many exciting features including IGTV and video calling option.

Besides that, it’s business account feature is also of immense use for digital marketing and promotion for businesses. But where people are searching answers for how to create an Instagram account, there are few possible reasons that one like to delete or deactivate his Insta account.

You might have dual Insta accounts or privacy concerns or one simply belong to that exceptional mob, who do not like Insta platform, so as looking for the ways to delete your Instagram account.

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How to Find And Make Time for Your Passion Even When You’re Busy!

Life is short. If there is ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that you love to, that moment is now and forever. We all have passion for something or other say, your passion for dance or one may be passionate about writing.

So, we can say passion is human urge for an idea, cause, enjoyment, profession, love or simply it can be anything. But as we have brainstormed the reasons why people do not follow their passion, we have found that most of the people gave common excuse, “We don’t have time”.

manage time for your passion

Well, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, neither a second less nor a second more but then how is it possible that some people are able to chase their passion along with managing their other chores? Yes, it is possible! It is possible with sound strategy of managing time.